BEPHOLAN is a diversified beauty brand. Its production is based in LAB that built on a mature supply chain system and product R&D center. It has 15 years of experience in R&D and producing false eyelashes and adopts imported raw materials from Korea and high-quality products recognized by consumers.


BEPHOLAN's eyelash process uses a unique hand-sharpening technology to make eyelashes more natural & more comfortable to wear. All products are to be tested before going online and support  VEGAN&CRUELTY-FREE.


We aim to create a "Transparent Plan" to allow users to understand us fully and to give consumers a more sense of security.


Bepholan eyelash

Bepholan is willing to be your confident guaidian to accompany gou in evey daggling moment. Hope our products can bring gou confidence and add gloiy to your beauty.

We are committed to changing your beauty through details and "Transparency" to give you a sense of security.

Your feedback is the driving force behind BEPHOLAN!


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