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7-Days Wear Fearthlash DIY Bundle #705

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Never tried DIY cluster lashes before——Until NOW!

This superfine band cluster lash pack in 24pcs will amaze you with effortless application. Ultra-soft band, tapered end, and lightweight feature can meet your wish to have the most comfortable wearing experience. Super easy to pick, apply and remove, no more worries about complex steps and unnatural effects. Who can say no to this? 

A perfect eyelash look can be rapidly done! It will be your first DIY eyelash choice EVER!

  • AMOUNT: 24pcs/pack
  • REUSABLE: Up to 10 times



√ Use cluster lash adhesive for strong hold & long wear, recommend the BOND & LOCK to achieve waterproofing and prevent dust & oil.

√Use proper makeup remover to remove the clusters instead of pulling them off. Recommend the GENTLE BONDER REMOVER, which can effectively remove glue residue while protecting your natural eyelashes.

√ Pick the cluster lashes with an applicator and lift gently to keep the perfect shape.

√ After removing the glue residue, your cluster lashes can be reused!

√ Practice makes perfect!

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